Brakes2go customer warranty & satisfaction

If you are not completely satisifed with your service please let us know! All warranty work must be completed by a Brakes2go service shop.

It is our goal to ensure that every customer leaves Brakes2go with a positive experience. If you have a concern regarding an experience at Brakes2go, immediately contact the manager/owner of the service centre. We will make every reasonable effort to make the situation right for our customers.

*Lifetime brake pad warranty requires annual brake services every 1 year/24,000 km*

*All warranties apply to the original customer*

*All warranties subject to driver abuse/neglect or vehicle malfunction/neglect*

*Parts not listed below carry a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty*

*Commercial vehicles are subject to decreased warranty periods due to extreme usage*

*Additional repairs may be required when performing warranty work to ensure safe & proper operation*

*The original invoice should be presented by the customer to ensure proper warranty*

*All warranties are as stated below unless otherwise specified*

Brake warranty- unlimited mileage

Warranty on:          Parts:          Labour:

Brake pads             Lifetime       90 day

Brake shoes           Lifetime       90 day

Rotors/Drums       12month     90 day

Hydraulics              12month     90 day

Suspension/Driveline/Misc warranty- unlimited mileage

Warranty on:              Parts:           Labour:

Steering/Linkage     Lifetime        90 day

 Ball joints                   Lifetime        90 day

Shocks/Struts            12month      90day 

Control arms             Lifetime        90 day

Bushings                     12month        90 day

Bearings                      12month        90 day

Clutch Kits                            N/A           N/A

       Batteries              Pro-rated        90 day

Wiper Blades              3month         90 day

Fluids                             N/A                 N/A